Don’t Horse Around.

This week I had  a team lunch with my softball team here a Santa Barbara High School. All of either brought lunch, didn’t eat, got school food, or went off campus. We sat in between the softball locker room and the softball field. The right fielder and I both stayed on campus with our lunches, so I decided to interview her.


So, I was sitting with our right fielder Jazmin Heras and I decided to ask her about one of her funniest memories. She told me about a time she will never forget, one that always makes her laugh when she tells people, she laughed when she told me.



“I went to Mexico with my sister to visit our Aunt and Uncle. They live in a small town called Oaxa. I woke up at like 6 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep, oh ya and I was like 10 years old. So my sister and I walked around outside the house to look at the animals. So we saw the pigs and the chickens and everything and then we came up to some horses. It was my uncles horse, he races. So I wanted to feed it and I reached down to pick up some grass and the horse bit me. I felt a really hard pinch on my back and I didn’t know what to do. I was standing there will a horse attached to my back. My sister didn’t know what to do either, so she just started laughing and couldn’t stop. Eventually I did a motion and the horse dropped me and I ran. I didn’t want to tell my aunt what had happened because I was afraid she wouldn’t let me play with the horses anymore. So I went into the house acting like nothing had happened but my aunt saw the bit mark on my shoulder and new right away what had happened. They were all just laughing at me and my aunt still let me play with the horses.”

Now, a message from Jazmin Heras to all of you: Don’t horse around a horse, always tell a adult when you get hurt because they will find out anyways, and sometimes things can be so funny they  almost hurt, or can hurt so much it’s almost funny.