Non microwaveable ornaments

This week I went to lunch with one of my closest best friends. Karen Firestone. She is currently attending Berkeley and came up to SB for spring break. Karen picked me up at school and we drove to Backyard Bowl. Might I add that the food there is outstanding.


Karen and I caught up over lunch. We talked about all kinds of things and we also talked about memories. Some of my best memories have been shared with Karen so I decided to talk about them with her. Eventually we talked about funny memories. So, I asked Karen about her funniest memories, she told this one.


“So, I was a few months into the term at Berkeley and I had made friends with some of people on the floor. I was living in the dorms. One night I was FaceTiming with one of my friends back home when I heard a scream. I told the person on the phone that I had to go immediately. I went to go check out what was happening when I found out that it was coming from my friends room. By the way this happened during christmas time. So I went into my friends room and saw something very funny happening. My friend and his roommate had just boughten a christmas tree and some ornaments. One of the ornaments was dented. My friend, who was studying engineering at Berkeley had seen a video that said if you put a dented ornament in hot water it pops back to normal. So, my friend an engineer, put the ornament in a bowl of warm water and put it in the microwave. Then it exploded and that was what the scream was. It was so funny and we all laughed about it for a while. I especially thought it was funny because he was an engineer.”

Now, for a message from Karen Firestone to you all: Please don’t buy christmas ornaments from Target because some may be dented, if they are dented make sure to fix them properly and follow all directions, and if your going to study engineering at Berkeley please make sure you know what your doing.