The Danger of Taylor Swift

This week I didn’t really go out to lunch per say. I ate lunch like I usually do, with one person that I usually eat with. MAD’s very own Alegra Zuchowicz, also known as Aleg or Oleg. We sat outside like we usually do, and we both brought lunch, like we usually do.




After sitting for a while we began to talk about funny things. Particularly are funniest moments. Alegra had a few, and we laughed a while over this lunch. I also shared my memories, and a few of our other friends at lunch did as well. I can honestly say that sharing memories over lunch made our lunch more fun. Alegra decided to label this one as her funniest moment:


“So, I was in 7th grade and I was staying over at my friends house. And worshiping Taylor Swift like most heart broken 13 year old girls. Eventually we started dancing, because why not. The song was “Our Song” from her first album. Ever since then that has been one of my favorite songs. So we were dancing and acting out the lyrics. The lyric said something about a prayer, so I was pretending to pray. Then while I was dancing a curtain string in the room got caught around my neck, and I kept dancing . I proceeded to fall down, because I was still dancing. Then I fell on the bed, but as I fell the curtain did too. It came crashing down on my friend and we caught the WHOLE THING on video. We started crying laughing. Since then we have watched the video millions of times, and I always laugh when I think about it. We kept trying to put the curtain back up, and after many times failing we finally did it. The curtain still is in her room to this day.”

And now, a message from Alegra Zuchowicz to you: Never Dance while you prayer, never break a heart  because it can lead to broken curtains, and defiantly make sure you consider the danger of Taylor Swift before dancing in a confined space, because the danger is real.