I’m broke and trying to make it in New York City

Last Saturday I went to Fresco’s Cafe with one of my friends, Natalie Slayton. We had goat cheese salad, and sat outside. Sitting outside gave us a great view of the 5 points mall. I really enjoyed this lunch, and the story my friend told.


I haven’t gone to lunch with Natalie in a while. After reminiscing for a bit, we talked about memories. We have shared so many memories together, and we began to talk about them. We slightly discussed some of our sad, scary, and happy memories. Then we talked about our funny memories. Natalie told me this was her funniest memory.


“So one time I was on a trip to NYC with my family. We went out to dinner, and when I got home I realized I had forgotten my phone. I told my mom, and she felt really bad for me. My mom then texted the phone saying that a the phone belonged to a 14 year old girl and that she was really upset. My mom was staying in one hotel room, and me and my cousins in another. My mom was in her room when she texted the phone. When I walked into my hotel room I saw my phone sitting on the bed. I felt very stupid. Then my cousin had an idea, we call my mom back and pretend to be someone who found the phone on the street. So we call my mom, and she asks if ┬áthe person who had the phone would kindly give it back. My cousin began to bargain with her, then my mom said that they should just give the phone back and be nice. My cousin then said, “I’m a broke man trying to make it in New York City, I ain’t giving it to you for free.” After that I started laughing and my mom realized it was us. She was so mad, she asked us what our room number was, and we accidentally told her the wrong number. So my mom walks all the way to our floor, and starts banging on the door of the room next to us, thinking it was our room. We hear her banging and tell her she has the wrong room and that we were next door. She comes in and gets mad at us. After a while she leaves. When she walks outside she sees security talking to the people in the room next door.”

So, a message from Natalie Slayton to all of you: Never lose your I-phone in New York, never laugh when doing a prank call, and never bang on the door of a hotel room because it might not be the room you think it is.