The lion, the polar bear, and the zoo.

This week I went to one of my favorite places to eat out in Santa Barbara! D’Angelo Pastry and Bread. It has great food for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. They also make really good bread and pastries. I also went there with one of my favorite people, my aunt Lisa, she is a phycologist.


I was asking Lisa about her funniest memory. She recalled something that had happened last year when she was babysitting for her sister. She said that this was one of her funniest  memories, but also one of her scariest. She kept laughing when telling the story, so you can only imagine how much she was laughing when it actually happened! Oh, so here it is.



“I was at the zoo with my 2 year old nephew, Liam. Liam always carries around a stuffed animal, and on this day he had a penguin. I thought bringing a stuffed animal to the zoo would be fine, I was wrong. We walked around to see all the animals and finally came upon the lions. The male lions were really far away, in the back of the exhibit. However the female lions were right by the glass viewing window. When the lioness started walking towards us I didn’t think anything of it, but then she tried to pounce on Liam’s penguin through the glass. Right at that moment a number of things happened. Liam started screaming, all the other parents got really excited, and all the other kids got scared. The lioness, having just perceived a glass window as something else, walked away looking awful confused, and I just started laughing so hard. As things start to calm down all the other parents start cheering for us to put the penguin back up there, so the lion would do it again. I proceed to tell the other parents that my nephew was scared but they wouldn’t have it, they all were very angry with me. Liam looked very scared and started telling me he wanted to leave, he suggested we go see the giraffes, and I though that was a fabulous idea.

Now, a message from Lisa Firestone to all of you: Don’t sit near the lionesses, don’t anger other parents, and don’t take a stuffed animal to the zoo, no matter what the circumstances.