The graveyard shift.

This week I headed downtown, with one of my old family friends, Barry Langberg. We went to California Pizza Kitchen. I got the Chicken Milanese and Berry had a bean barley soup and some salad.


Barry was a police officer in San Francisco for many years before becoming a lawyer, which he is today.  I was asking Barry about his policeman days, and he said that one of his funniest memories happened in those days. I then asked him to tell me the story, and here it is.


“I have kind of a bad sense of direction, lets set that straight. When I was a policeman, I was working the graveyard shift that is midnight till 8 in the morning. I was pulled over on the side of the road in a residential district at about 3 in the morning writing up a report about my day. All the sudden I got a call that there was a shot fired at a particular address, I immediately turned on the red light, and I didn’t need the siren because it was so late. Then I zipped down the street making a left here, a right there, another right, another left, until I got a call from my dispatcher. The call said, “Car 53 where are you?” (I was car 53). I proceeded to tell him where I was and he said that I was headed the complete wrong way. So I followed his directions to where the shooting was, and I realized that it was right across from where I had parked my car at 3 in the morning. So I get there and it turns out the shooting had happened in the basement of the house, and that’s why I didn’t hear it. When I walked down to the basement I saw that there was a jealous husband, standing there holding a gun, and the man the wife was having an affair with was on the floor, shot but not killed. He was shot in the chest, and it looked bad so I called and ambulance. I also arrested the husband. When I tell this story people always laugh, and that’s why I enjoy telling it, because I like to make people laugh.”

A message from Barry Langberg to all of you: Don’t become a policeman if you have a bad sense of direction, don’t over think things because the crime might be right under your nose, and always take the graveyard shift, it’s a good time to work done.