Always look where you are going.

This week I went to lunch with one of my aunts best friends, Beth Dumas. Beth is a lawyer, so she went through many years of schooling. I invited her over to my house for lunch. We had home made pizza and it was pretty good.


As we sat down to eat we talked about embarrassing moments. After we discussed for a while I asked Beth what her funniest moment was. She then explained that one of her funniest memories is also one of her most embarrassing moments. Then she told the memory.



I was studying for the entrance exams into law school, at the Stanly Kaplan Course. My instructor in the program was a law student, who I had a crush on. I would always try to talk to him in class, but usually we didn’t talk much. So one day I finally got up the courage to talk to him after class. Then I was talking to him while walking down the hallway, and I was so concentrated on the conversation I was not looking where I was going, and my head smashed into a paper towel holder that was hanging on the wall. I was so ashamed because I though I was being so cool when I talked to the law student, and then I did something so stupid in front of him. After that I was too embarrassed to talk to him anymore. But it did do me well in the end because it made me focus more on my studies and I ended up doing well on my entrance exams. To this day I still feel embarrassed when I tell the story, but it also makes me laugh, and usually when I tell people the story they laugh too.

A message from Beth Dumas to all of you: do not have a crush on your instructor when trying to study for an important exam, if your looking to pass your entrance exams take the Stanly Kaplan Course, and always look where you are going because smashing your head into paper towel dispenser hurts.