The happiest place to pee on earth.

This week I went to crush cakes with one of my friends Callie. It was really fun and I learned a lot about Callie, and the cupcakes were great. If you ever want cupcakes definitely go to crush cakes, it it very fantastic.


We sat outside which was nice because the weather was nice. It was also really funny to hear her story and it was definitely a laugh. If you are going to Disneyland any time soon make sure you use this blog as a what not to do in terms of your trip. To have a good time at Disneyland definitely don’t do what this blog says.


“It all started 5 years ago when my brother was 8 or 9. We went to Disney land with my dad, uncle, mom, aunt, and grandma. We went on a bunch of rides and had a bung of fun. Then we went on the pirates of the Caribbean ride. When we got on my brother had to pee. He absolutely couldn’t wait. So we got out an empty bottle, while on the ride. My brother couldn’t aim at all. He peed all over the place. Even on the people in front of us. My dad tried to stop him and then pee got all over my dad. Right before the ride ended my brother zipped up his pants and ¬†we seemed like a perfectly normal family. We all laugh about this all the time because we assume the family in front of us must hate us. they must want revenge because a random kid peed all over him on their pleasant trip to Disney land. At the time my brother was embarrassed, but now he laughs along with the rest of us. It is a day I never want to and never will forget.

Now, for the message from Callie Beaudette to all of you people: Go to the bathroom before entering a non stoppable Disneyland ride, If you think you absolutely can’t hold it know you actually can, and if you really super totally can’t hold it don’t attempt to pee in a bottle, it will only make things worse.