Karate may stop the bad guys but it doesn’t stop the nerves.

So, this week I went to lunch with my friend Eva Kershner. We got food from the student store, and it wasn’t that bad. We both attend Santa Barbara Senior High School and I hate the cafeteria food but the student store isn’t that bad.


Eva and I were enjoying our lunches and we decided to talk about memories. Memories are a great topic. I enjoy talking about them. Eva was telling me about her funny stories and memories and then I asked her that if she had to pick a funnies memory what would it be? She said it was to hard to choose one but this would be at the top of the list.


“So, I was in China taking a test for karate. I was really happy to be in China but I was nervous for my test. We stayed at this nice hotel and the night before the test I felt so nervous. Just after dinner we were in the lobby and I was so nervous I started to feel sick. Then I really started to feel sick and something happened and I threw up. I was just throwing up in the lobby and then I couldn’t stop. So my mom started yelling at me to stop and I felt really bad because I couldn’t stop and It was so awful. Everyone was looking at us and it was super awkward. So I started crying and I could not stop, and was just throwing up and crying in the lobby. So ya that day I was not very amused, but when I got home from the trip after passing my test I realized just how funny it was. My brother, mom, and whole family laughs about the story to this day, now I find it very amusing. I don’t mind telling the story now because I’m over it.”

Now, a message from Eva Kershner to y’all: Take karate it will protect you from things, if you feel sick evacuate public places, and if you are throwing up don’t cry, It makes things 100x worse.