The look of disappointment on a security guards face.

This week I interviewed Nicole Figueroa. We sat outside the English building at SBHS. We talked about laughing and lunch, and eventually we did so, we laughed over lunch. It was fun and I liked hearing Nicole’s story about funny stuff that happened to her, all in all it was a successful week with a fun interview.


I laugh whenever I think of this story and I find it very funny that this kind of stuff always happens to me. Since then I have done countless clumsy things. Just because I have gotten used to it doesn’t mean it isn’t any less funny to me or my friends when I fall.


“It happened a few months ago and I had just taken a test in my math class. I hadn’t finished my test so I had to get a pass to go to my next class and the class was already 1/2 over. So I’m walking down and I was like thinking because I’m really clumsy that it was a good thing I hadn’t fallen yet. And then all the sudden I fell flat on the ground and my stuff was all over. No one was there besides the security guard. And we made eye contact and he like looked very disappointed in me and then he just walked away. I told all my friends and we had a good laugh. Even though practically no one saw it, it was still really embarrassing and funny. Also when I came into class that day I was all beat up with cuts everywhere and I looked really frazzled. Ya, it was a really funny day. I still laugh when I think about the look on the security guards face, it cracks me up. Whenever I see the security guard he gives me that exact same look. A look of sheer disappointment.”

Now, a message from Nicole Figueroa to ya’all: Never be the last one to finish your math test, always expect the unexpected, and always watch where you are going because you are probably clumsier than you think you are.