What not to do when you have a raccoon and a confused child.


So today I went to lunch with a good friend of mine, Jessica Gladish. We decided we were in the mood for french-fries, and the best fries we know of are found at Sal’s Pizza and Italian Eatery, so we went there. SONY DSC

We sat down and talked for a bit, but we were both in the mood to laugh, so we decided to talk about funny memories. I then asked her, “What is the funniest memory you have?” She decided to tell me this one.


“When I was little my brother and I had our dressers in the garage, so we could have more space in our rooms. So after every shower he’d always walk naked with a towel rapped around his waist to the garage to change. Now, where we lived there were a lot of raccoons and skunks that would sneak into our garage, so one day when my brother and I were 6, my mom found out that we left the garage door open a bit and there was a skunk in the house. We got out the skunk and my brother went to take a shower. He went into the garage afterwards to change like he always did, but as I walked into the bathroom I heard him screaming. I went to go see what had happened, and his face was red, he dropped his towel, he was crying, and being chased around the garage naked by a raccoon. My mom then made the decision to get a broom and try to chase the raccoons out of the garage, but my brother followed her. So all I saw was a raccoons running through my garage, then my mom with a broom running after them, and trying to catch up with her, my completely naked brother. It was one scene I will always remember, and now every time I think about it, I laugh.”

So a message from Jessica Gladish to all of you: always close the garage door,never wear only a towel when possibly encountering a raccoon, and try not to chase things around the garage with a broom, it’ll only make matters worse.