I’m happy, and I’m also Katie. I like to laugh about as much as I like lunch, which is a lot. I also happen to think lunch is the best meal of the day. Did you ever go an entire day without laughing? Think back you probably didn’t go out to lunch that day. A great way to enjoy up your day is to go to lunch with a friend, and talk about memories. Next time you go to lunch I encourage you to talk about your funniest moment with your friends, it’ll sure make you laugh.


That is pretty much what I’m doing here, I’m here to share happiness and laughs. So once a week I’m going to go to lunch with an friend, and asking them their funniest memory. I will also be sharing these stories with you guys, and hopefully making you laugh. So grab a friend, go to lunch, and share a funny story, I bet it’ll make your week better.


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